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Defending Your Rights In Criminal Cases

When you have any contact with police or other law enforcement officers, your basic rights as a citizen and potentially your freedom are at stake. Aside from the stress of the moment and the very real possibility of paying fines and/or serving jail time, any criminal charges filed against you can have a devastating effect on your future. Your ability to further your education, obtain employment, impact on immigration, housing, ability to own firearms can be severely affected by any criminal charges or convictions.

If you have been arrested for a crime, you are in a dangerous position. It is of paramount importance to hire an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who will fight to protect your rights and your freedom.

At the Law Office of Joseph F. Hennessey, you will find an attorney who has both legal experience providing criminal defense, but also has more than 20 years of experience as a police officer before that. Joseph Hennessey knows the system inside and out. He knows your rights and how to protect them. For all the clients we serve clients throughout Worcester and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts, we bring a strong commitment to defending their rights aggressively.

If there is any way to get you out of this situation, we will find it.

Strong Defense Against A Range Of Charges

If you are pulled over while driving or contacted in any other way by a law enforcement officer, you are at a disadvantage if you do not have the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney. We can advise you and help guide you through any situation involving an accusation of criminal conduct.

We represent clients in all areas of criminal defense, defending misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

When a law enforcement officer says, “Anything you say can be used against you,” you are dealing with someone who has been trained in drawing out information from witnesses and suspects. Without knowing it, you may say something that sounds incriminating, even if you are not guilty of anything. Before you say anything to the police, call us. You need sound advice and guidance from an attorney whose job is to safeguard your rights and handle these very serious matters.

Contact Us Immediately

Before you speak with any law enforcement officer or consent to a search, prosecuting attorney or anyone else about your situation, contact our legal team online or call 508-881-9500. We represent clients in criminal or traffic matters throughout Massachusetts including Boston and Worcester areas.