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Defense Against Assault And Battery Charges

Are you facing assault or battery charges, or both? Like any criminal charges, assault and battery charges are serious and could result in fines, jail time and a tarnished permanent record. In short, a conviction for assault and battery could be catastrophic for the rest of your life. You need to fight these charges aggressively by hiring an experienced lawyer who will fight for you.

At the Law Office of Joseph F. Hennessey, in Worcester County, Massachusetts, our legal team provides strong defense against assault and battery charges. We can offer you the information and guidance you need to fight these charges. Our legal team represents clients throughout Massachusetts. Our lead attorney, Joseph Hennessey, is happy to take the time to really help you and address your concerns.

The Basics Of Assault And Battery

Assault and battery are two separate crimes, which means you can be charged for either one, or both. Assault is generally considered the threat of bodily harm, while battery is causing or attempting bodily harm. There are different levels of both assault and battery charges, depending on the extent of the threat or the damage, and your sentencing could be determined by many different factors such as whether a weapon was involved, how much planning was involved or other circumstances.

In handling cases involving assault and battery in the Boston and Worcester areas, we take care to fully evaluate the matter and determine the best approach. For example, we may be able to argue that contact was unintentional, or that you acted in self-defense or in defense of others. These are typically the most common defenses to assault and battery, but we may also explore other options that may entirely disprove that the act occurred at all, that the witness’s testimony cannot be trusted, or that the alleged victim invented the event for reasons of jealousy, anger or revenge.

We will find the best strategy to defend you against the charges you are facing.

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As a former police officer, Joseph Hennessey has the benefit of understanding the other side of criminal cases. 23 years as a police officer and nine years thus far in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer have allowed him to help our clients in the face of serious assault and battery charges.

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