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Massachusetts Lawyer Defending You Against Domestic Violence Charges

Just because you’ve been charged with domestic violence doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. We know that domestic violence charges are often filed after heated arguments between partners or spouses, and we know that the situation can be more complicated than it appears. Unfortunately, domestic violence charges can carry a social stigma and your friends, family and others may not believe your side of the story. We want to help. False allegations are more common than most people think, especially in divorce or child custody matters. Our attorneys have years of legal experience and we know how to build a strong defense that will ascertain the truth of what really happened.

Penalties For Domestic Violence

The penalties for domestic violence offenses are serious and can include time in prison, heavy fines, orders to attend certified batterers classes and the requirement to provide restitution to the victim. Those who are convicted of this crime can find it difficult to obtain future employment, apply for loans, and repair broken relationships.

Many times, domestic violence charges can be inflated or entirely fabricated. At the Law Office of Joseph F. Hennessey, we truly understand how to challenge unsubstantiated allegations. We have the experience and dedication needed to uphold your rights in court. We make it a priority to enhance your chances of obtaining a positive outcome.

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