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A DUI Conviction Could Ruin Your Life

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, do not underestimate the importance of these charges. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge in Massachusetts. Even for a first offense, you could be facing jail time, serious fines and the loss of your driving privileges. Do not take these charges lightly, and do not trust in the help of an inexperienced lawyer or public defender. You need experienced, aggressive legal representation to get the results you need.

At Law Office of Joseph F. Hennessey, we have uniquely relevant experience in providing strong criminal defense solutions. Our attorney, Joseph Hennessey, spent more than 20 years as a police officer before becoming a criminal defense attorney more than a decade. As a team, we know how the other side handles these cases. We know your rights, and we know how to protect you against the charges you are facing.

How To Fight A DUI

There are numerous ways to defeat DUI charges. At Law Office of Joseph F. Hennessey, we explore every option, including:

  • Civil rights violations in the stop, the arrest, detainment or questioning you experienced
  • Illegal stops
  • Illegal searches
  • Problems with the roadside intoxication tests
  • Problems with the breath and blood tests used to determine your level of intoxication
  • Possible illnesses or medical conditions that could skew the results or cause intoxication-like behavior even if you weren’t drinking

These are just a few of the options we explore when defending our clients against DUI charges.

Protecting Your Record

Although DUI is the most common of criminal charges, it is also extremely detrimental to the lives and futures of those accused. A DUI on your permanent record could hinder your changes for the rest of your life. Career opportunities will be hindered, housing opportunities will be hindered, and you will have to answer for this conviction for the rest of your life.

Our legal team will do everything possible to minimize the damage that these charges could have on your life and to avoid a conviction if at all possible.

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