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Drug Case Success Stories

Attorney Joseph Hennessey represents clients in drug cases and serious felonies. He has prevailed in numerous criminal jury trials and has obtained dismissals and not guilty verdicts. Here are some of the recent successes obtained by the hard work of attorney Hennessey:

Client charged with trafficking of cocaine. A kilo of cocaine is recovered in a search of the client’s apartment. Attorney Hennessey immediately investigated the facts contained in the officers report. He also utilized his experience to show that the investigating officers staged the search photos and that the facts stated by the officers were not factually true and that the officers had fabricated facts in order to obtain a search warrant. All evidence suppressed and all money seized returned.

Police allege that the client is in possession of a handgun and is selling heroin out of a car that is parked on the side of the road. Officers allege that a confidential has seen the gun and that the client was in possession of a large amount of heroin. Officers claim that they observe the client selling something out of his car and as the officers approach the client voluntarily consents to search where the officers only find $20 worth of heroin and no signs of distribution or a gun. Officers arrest the client and charge him possession with intent to distribute and money from a recent sale of a car is seized. Attorney Hennessey immediately went to the area and located a business with video surveillance. Video surveillance revealed the officers fabricated the facts and that it was clear that the client did not assent to any search. All evidence was suppressed and money seized returned.

Officers allege they observe the client on a bike speaking with two women. Officers suspected that a drug sale just took place. Officers werent familiar with the women or the client. A stop of the client revealed 48 pills of oxycodone and cocaine. Attorney Hennessey argued that the stop was based upon a hunch. All evidence suppressed and case dismissed.

Attorney Hennessey spent 7 1/2 years working with the Tri-County Drug Task Force, Waltham Drug Unit and Metrowest Drug Task Force. He was sworn as a special deputy sheriff in Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties. He was trained by the Massachusetts State Police, Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI in drug investigations including undercover investigations and surveillance techniques. He uses this training to aid in the defense of all of his clients.
In addition to using court discovery procedures to obtain evidence from the Commonwealth, attorney Hennessey goes out to every scene of the stop, search and arrest to get a full understanding of the facts. He personally investigates his clients’ cases to gather a full understanding of the facts. Attorney Hennessey has been asked to review cases of other attorneys and to provide assistance.

Chase after the truth like all hell and you’ll free yourself, even though you never touch its coat tails. Clarence Darrow.

Seizure At Hospital ruled unconstitutional

67 Rocks of Crack Cocaine ruled inadmissible
The client was shot in the face as he rode his bicycle in Boston. He was conscious and alert when he was transported to the hospital. While being treated he placed his belongings, including his backpack, into a hospital bag and tied the bag closed. As he lay on the hospital gurney a Boston Police Officer took his belongs into the other room and began searching his property without his consent. The search was deemed unconstitutional pursuant to Commonwealth v. Dwayne Williams. As a result of this ruling, 67 rocks of crack cocaine was ruled inadmissible and case was dismissed.